The Allergy Diary App

Recent real life clinical studies,1 conducted on patients observed in their daily living, show that the use of innovative therapies and of mobile health tools that can control their efficacy can improve the management of the disease.

A digital version of the VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) has been included in a new, free of charge mobile app, the Allergy Diary App by MACVIA-ARIA experts, to assess AR control. The added value/plus of this app is the real support it offers to patients and doctors in the daily management of allergic rhinitis, also improving adherence to therapies.

To date, The Allergy Diary has been launched by MACVIA-ARIA in 16 languages and 21 countries. The Allergy Diary App can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.


How it works

Users simply assess their daily AR control using the VAS, and scores are plotted over time.  AR control is then categorized and color-coded, according to specific VAS score cut-offs.

The use of the Allergy Diary App, combined with effective medications, empowers patients and doctors to finally take control of AR symptoms.

Collects info 
The Allergy Diary collects information on symptoms experienced, allowing a rapid assessment of symptom pattern.

Plot the info over time
Users assess their AR control daily, and results are plotted over time, so giving a more complete picture of AR control.

  • Green = well controlled
  • Yellow =partly controlled
  • Orange =uncontrolled

Add medications
Users may input what medications they are taking  to see at a glance if the AR medication is working or not.

A red warning triangle encourages users to visit their healthcare provider.

Moreover, in order to improve treatment compliance, an optional reminder to track symptoms and take medication is included.

Get control for AR in 4 easy steps

1. Use your Allergy Diary App and daily answer the question “How bothersome is your  Allergic Rhinitis today?” assessing a score between ‘0’ ‘not at all bothersome’ to ‘10’ ‘very bothersome’

2. Visit your GP or specialist if your score is reported to be in the uncontrolled, orange area

3. Ask your GP or specialist for more effective treatments to achieve a better and faster control of your AR symptoms

4. Check your improvements with the Allergy Diary App



The Allergy Diary App is currently available in:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey


1. Klimek L, et al. Allergy Asthma Proc 2015; 36(1):40-7.